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The Master’s Construction Corporation is an accomplished construction management firm specializing in uncovering those opportunities that bring the highest return on investment for our clients and that support their business goals.
Robert J. Durbois founded the company in 1980. In his role as President, Bob leads the company in discovering what our clients need, what their risks are and what savings opportunities may be available to them. The company’s goal is always to creatively provide the total project solutions that will bring the client the greatest benefit.
Our Approach
Master’s forges a partnership with our clients, often before architectural drawings are prepared. This positions our team to uncover passing opportunities in timely order so our clients will receive the highest ROI. We listen to client needs, inspect the property, prepare realistic planning budgets, examine the details through innovative thinking and propose creative management solutions to achieve the lowest cost, best quality and most timely schedule for our clients. See our “Insights” section for specific examples.
Our integrity and wisdom in navigating the complexities of a building project have earned us treasured client relationships since 1980.
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