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Insight Ė Maximizing your ROI
Construction Management
At The Masterís Construction Corporation, we have replaced the traditional General Contractor business model with a more holistic, client-centered approach called Construction Management that maximizes our clientís return on their investment. Instead of only getting the lowest bids for you, we get the lowest qualified bid and then we also provide you with added value that has been measured in the tens of thousands of dollars saved for many of our clients. If you select us, we become your allies for the complete construction processófrom design to occupancy. The Masterís Construction Corporation is experienced in the full spectrum of building projects, from new construction and expansions to renovation and historic restoration. We specialize in dental, orthodontic and medical offices, law offices, churches, banks and schools
How We Work
Masterís partners with you to test and adjust the project budget, at the outset and all along the way, to avoid surprises and be sure planning is realistic and able to help you achieve your goals. We scrutinize drawings to be sure they are clear, complete and unambiguous right at the beginning of the project. We choose sub-contractors with your input, always with an eye to protecting your best interests. We uncover potential risks and help you plan for them or eliminate them altogether. We discover valuable opportunities to save cost and/or enhance quality at the same cost. In this way, the Masterís process has led to success with hundreds of projects.
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